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unique and customized experienceS for each and every client and audience.

Just as no flower is exactly the same... neither are two women, two groups,  two growth patterns, two lives. Still, we have so much in common and I wholeheartedly believe that when we share and support one another, we have the potential to grow exponentially. Connecting through performances, workshops, speaking engagements and one on ones, we are able to PUSH each other toward intentional growth and living our absolute BEST lives.

"I met you a few years back at a festival in Prague. You were amazingly friendly and forthcoming. I was already a fan and this confirmed why. I continued to follow you and what you do. Recently I got some bad personal news and it hit hard. I felt like I couldn't reach out to people, like everything had changed. Then I started connecting with you and you continually share something real and uplifting and it motivates me! What I am trying to say is keep doing what you do because you're amazing and have helped me more than you know." - P. Cherish

"DY, your performance was brilliant, emotional and amazingly raw. I so enjoyed your creativity and how you took us on your journey. You allowed us to take a peek into your world. We all have a story and your story is powerful. It was brave and I am encouraged to forgive and love. Thank you!" - Z. Brown 

intentionally. nurturing. knowing. 

Queens-bred hip-hop/soul artist, Dynasty, has the soul of a dreamer and the fearless determination to follow that dream wherever it might lead. Born and raised in NYC, DY now frequently tours internationally, sharing her message of growth and "going for yours." She loves to say "I don't know everything, but I DO know how to touch a dream. Come and see me." From foster care, to rockin' in France, her story inspires and encourage others to take leaps for their dreams, trusting that the universe will catch them.

Although music is her first love, what she loves most is connecting with others. Music is her passion, intentional connection is her purpose. She runs The PUSH Project which aims to empower youth via music and the arts and which promotes intentional growth, self nurturing and a deeper knowledge of self and one's true desires. 

There is no “set demographic” for DY, no gimmicks, no crafted agenda aside from making beautifully raw music and creating meaningful moments. Her authentic mass appeal transcends all boundaries. 

Rightfully so, her gift touches the world.

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