Looking for an engaging speaker for your next event? 

Dynasty is a dynamic speaker who truly values the opportunity to connect with listeners. Using her professional and personal background, DY creates an experience for the audience not only through her performance skills, but by tapping into her genuine vulnerability.  

DY is also available for hosting opportunities and brand ambassadorship for products that are in line with her brand.


We have all heard of writer's workshops, actor's workshops, performance workshops and so on...we are bringing these things together with elements of [mind, body, spirit] wellness for a unique women's workshop. If you want to grow, you've got to be willing to step out and try new things. You've also got to be willing to be supported. We can't do it all alone, even if you are a WonderWoman. ;-) Let us coordinate a corporate or private event with you today.

We are all out here trying to figure it out. If you come across someone who claims to have all of the answers...run! :-) Still, there are times when we'd like to bounce our ideas off of someone who wants to see us WIN. Then, there are times when we just need a little push from someone who has a proven track record of making things happen. We can be our biggest hinderance at times! 

Have questions for Dynasty? Want some one on one time to talk goals, vision, or to learn more about her story? Partner In Vision Sessions* were created just for that. Virtual sessions via Skype or phone are available depending upon location.



*Remember, while a huge advocate for mental health care, Dynasty is not a mental health professional so these sessions are not intended to be therapeutic in nature. If you are inspired by Dy's story and work and would find value in spending one on one time with her, this service is for you.


intentionally. nurturing. knowing. 

Dynasty is an award winning, international performing artist who brings the message of growth to life through music and acting. A live performance makes for a great event opener, feature or addition to many types of events including private and corporate events, whether at a large venue or small private space. 

Dynasty's work as a performer spans over a decade. Touring throughout the US and Europe, featuring alongside some of the music industry's greats, she has developed a style that is both entertaining and engaging.

A guaranteed hit, Dynasty always provides a stunning show!