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Like so many of you, I started 2020 with high hopes...and rightfully so. I had quite the successful 2019, even with some emotional highs and lows, I still touched many of my greatest dreams. Then the world shut down and it... got... wild. Can you relate when I say that my February of 2020 looked a LOT different than middle of the year? 


It took effort, vulnerability, self grace, compassion and creativity to get myself back on track. The music was my safe space just as it has been so many times throughout my life. Creativity gave me an outlet to share and connect with others. I got to talk about life, love, social issues and more and through my openness I was supported, encouraged and inspired!

The truth is I've been working on bloom.in.INK for quite some time. Countless performances, including my interactive Unplugged Series, along with encouraging others on their paths as an international DreamPusher. One blessing of our collective current circumstance is that I've had TIME to just be. And with that time, I've built a home for the work that I do, live and love.  

Welcome to bloominINK. I look forward to growing with you! 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~ dy

 bloominINK is a space for personal growth through connection, creativity and conversation. 

We focus on activities that expand self awareness, build identity/self esteem,

and improve upon our gifts and personal processes in a creative and intentional way.


Building our confidence,  having meaningful conversations,

and expressing ourselves in an engaging and creative way - 

supporting each other's BLOOM.


bloom.in.INK focuses on all of these things through a unique mix of music and writing in a safe space for self-expression and meaningful conversation.


the bloom.in.INK™ model:


1) we are serious about our growth.

2) we set clear intentions for every session.

3) we create a nurturing environment for ourselves.

4) we gain knowledge through self observation and sharing. 


: to flourish or thrive.

: a state or time of beauty, freshness and vigor.

​: a state or time of high development or achievement.


​intend | intention.
: to have a course of action as one's purpose or objective.
: to design or destine someone or something for a particular purpose. 
:a determination to act in a certain way.



: to provide the necessary conditions for something to grow and develop.
:the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or 

development of someone or something.​


know | knowledge.

: to have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them; be familiar or friendly with.

: to be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.
: to have established or fixed in the mind or memory.

:to be absolutely certain of something.


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"I've been apart of Dynasty's performance experiences and let me tell you... it is such a breath of fresh air! Her authenticity and openness make you comfortable to open up and simply be yourself. Dynasty is captivating on and off-screen, so regardless of your viewing experience you're gonna get a GREAT experience!"


"I had a coaching session with Dy to get creative direction on starting my business.  Her enthusiasm and determination has encouraged me to never give up.  I have seen her perform and her engagement with her audience and how she speaks life and keeps the energy positive. DY is a great example of what it means to go after your dreams no matter how the journey looks." 


"Having Dynasty as a guest speaker at She Got Vision teen summit and Queen Talk women’s luncheon was truly a blessing.


The lives that she touched truly made an impact. Dynasty was filled with so much passion that it exuded onto others.

Dynasty’s words of wisdom and positivity is what’s needed in our world. "

Brooke Jean

Digital Business Consultant

Ashlee John

Fete Fit, Founder


She Got Vision / Queen Talk, Founder

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