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Creative Courage Consultant, DreamPusher, and Performing Artist.

Dynasty has the soul of a dreamer and the fearless determination to follow that dream wherever it might lead. Born and raised in NYC, DY now frequently tours internationally, sharing her message of growth and "going for yours" as an inspirational hip hop/soul artist. Known as the Dream Pusher, she loves to say "I don't know everything, but I DO know how to touch a dream. Come and see me." From foster care, to rockin' around the globe from Germany to Uganda, her story inspires and encourage others to take leaps for their dreams, trusting that the universe will catch them.

Although the performing arts (music and acting) are her passion, inspiring others to see and live their authentic best lives is her purpose. To combine the two, she created which promotes intentional growth, self nurturing and a deeper level of self awareness. It was birthed out of a desire to build a space for women to share openly in a  creative way, be heard without judgement and to grow together. 


While there are undoubtedly many ways to do this, DY's approach is unique in that it incorporates her experiences overcoming her own personal trials (working through childhood wounds to navigating and challenging negative thought patterns), her journey as an international performing artist, and the many lessons and triumphs along the way in her professional and personal life.

Summed up in one line from her lyrics - 

"I'll show you how to touch a dream.. come and see me."

I used to think that the sky was the limit...'til I took off and wrote rhymes in it....


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